Following are the stages whereby Tecnocasa Group became the most important franchising real estate company in Europe, taking its trademark also to America, Africa, Asia
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    Tecnocasa trademark had its debut in 1979, when its founder, Oreste Pasquali, set up a plan for the development of real estate agencies on the outskirts of Milan (Italy). The idea was to create a network of offices with shop windows facing the street, giving an idea of visibility and transparency to real estate services and a more direct contact with the client, an important innovation to the sector.
    In 1986, a method of franchising was adopted by the then 60 agencies, personally managed by Dr Pasquali. The choice of this formula thus created the best conditions for synergy and economic scales, advantageous for both the franchiser and the client, and allowed Tecnocasa to qualify personnel with new and better organized methods of operation.
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    In the 1990’s Spain was well placed to repeat the Tecnocasa franchising method: the percentage of families owning properties was very high and, as in Italy, there existed a culture of living in one’s own home. Furthermore, the economy was in a phase of important development: and this is when Tecnocasa started it’s international adventure. The first office was opened in Barcelona. This was quickly followed in the same year by Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and many others to finish the year with 19 agencies.
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    Two years after the start up in Spain, the Tecnocasa trademark began to expand in Eastern Europe. The opportunity was created by a young Hungarian man, arriving in Italy to work for an associated agency to learn the profession with a view to returning eventually to his own country: he quickly understands that the Tecnocasa “method” is exportable and submits his idea to the national headquarters. After careful evaluation of market opportunities and a thorough formation of future employees in Budapest, the first agency opened in the capital city of Hungary.
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    In 1998 Tecnocasa started its expansion in Mexico, when some of those working with Tecnocasa Spain decide to find out about possibilities for the development of the trademark. The current director of the Mexican franchise, together with about 20 young people, undertook a journey to Madrid where he worked for the agency thus completing his training... in this way, the Group “lands” across the ocean.
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    This was followed by Poland where the trademark was established in 2004 with its first agency opened in Cracow.
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    The Tecnocasa Group continues with its European expansion in France, opening an agency in Creteil.
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    In January 2010 the first agency was opened in Tunisia. The project was started two years before. Some of the company directors were in Tunisia for work commitments and contacted a young accountant from Tunis who, convinced about the franchise formula, decides to take the Tecnocasa method to Africa. Many of the Tunisian colleagues have worked for associated Italian agencies for a year and completed their training to prepare for the opening of new agencies.
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    Started in January 2011 in Phuket, the first and currently only agency in Thailand: the idea of an Italian associate who wanted to change his life but not the trademark.

All those colleagues who were the first to “export” the trademark of the Group to other countries, were trained in Italy (or Spain with regard to Mexico and France) and have spent a period of time in one of the associated agencies in order to thoroughly learn operational methods and be able to repeat and transfer its values.

The experience of more than 30 years in the business has become a mutual wealth for all the employees of the Group whereby the client can take advantage of consolidated competence, advanced technology, aimed at solving their problems in the quickest way possible.

Group numbers

Total networks in the world: 3.394
Franchising Networks Italy and RSM: 2.279
Real Estate Networks in the World: 3.105
Tecnocasa Agencies 1.704
Tecnocasa Immobili per l'Impresa Agencies 79
Tecnorete Agencies 490
Tecnorete Immobili per l'Impresa Agencies 6

Credit Consultants:
Kìron 855
Epicas 14

Distributed in the Agencies Kìron Epicas:
Kìron 186
Epicas 5
Tecnocasa Agencies 619
Tecnorete Agencies 5
Kìron Agencies 77
Tecnocasa Agencies 26
Tecnocasa Agencies 103
Kìron Agencies 17
Tecnocasa Agencies 38
Kìron Agencies 1
Tecnocasa Agencies 1
Tecnocasa Agencies 33
Tecnocasa Agencies 1
data updated to 31 December 2020