TECNOCASA - HOLDING S.p.A., based in Via Monte Bianco 60/A Rozzano, according to the article n. 13 of the legislative decree on privacy and in conformity with the prescription of the Measure 229/2014 by the Authority for the Privacy, informs that the present website uses the following cookies (small text files that the consulted websites send to your device and that are stored and resent to the website during the following visit):

Technical cookies:

The cookies that are necessary to allow:
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-the collection of information, following the aggregate form, about the number of visitors and their behavior on the website (“cookie analythics”);
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Third parties targeting cookies:

These cookies are installed by third parties that are different from TECNOCASA - HOLDING S.p.A. and their installation requires your consent. In the abscence of that, these cookies will not be installed.

As follows, find the links for privacy information by third parties where you can give your consent for the cookies installation. We precise that, if no option had been chosen and you continue the navigation of the website you automatically give consent to the use of these cookies

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