Born near Brescia in 1942 and graduated in Economics at the Università Cattolica, Milan. Married, two children.
Worked for 10 years as an estate agent and subsequently created his own real estate and finance company.
In 1986 he creates Tecnocasa Franchising and in fact is the first to set up a similar franchising in Italy.

In the following decade, he handles and oversees the growth of the real estate network setting up a number of highly developed services (formative, computerized, advertising, consultancy) for the employees of the group including other company branches complementary to the real estate business.
Tecnocasa Holding SpA is thus created with the following organization:

Today, Oreste Pasquali is:
President of the BoD Tecnocasa Holdings SpA
Member of the BoD Tecnocasa Franchising SpA
Member of the BoD Tecnocasa Advisory Group SpA
Member of the BoD La Ducale SpA

The sense of more than four decades of professional, managerial and entrepreneur experience cannot be easily summarized, but some passages from his speeches at the annual National Convention of the Tecnocasa Group, with sometimes as many as 10,000 or more affiliates and employees present, demonstrate an interesting picture of his personality and vision.
  • A reputation to defend

    5th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 1996
    Tecnocasa is increasingly in the spotlight. s Universities study us for our organization, journalists draw on the vast amount of information we have available, our presence is requested at the most important conventions (…) Our visibility increases day by day. The time is favourable and extremely exciting but also very delicate because our notoriety steeply increases the expectations of our company. We must not become complacent nor presumptuous. If we really care for our clients, we have to be credible and trustworthy. Reputation is the only thing that counts in the world of business. We have to carry out what we promise and be punctual in doing so because trust derives from regularity and coherency when it comes to dealing with our clients.
  • Winning the challenges of the future

    5th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 1996
    We will win the challenges of the future providing we are able to form a top level franchise company, with the very best professionals in the field but on condition that we all work in an ethical manner. The market is not a place for flying visits. The market is made up of rules and regulations. Values and therefore responsibilities, respect, integrity, honesty, loyalty, undertaking, make the job sound, vital and durable.
  • Central quality of collaboration

    7th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 1998
    A factor exists thanks to which individuals become a group, a group of associated agencies become an organization. This factor is called collaboration. Those at the top of the organization cannot but pay attention to the equilibrium created within, a combination of mutual interests and the code of conduct which regulates their behavior. It is always gratifying to witness episodes of loyalty between colleagues, exchanges of information, news or when I see reciprocal collaboration between associated agencies. Loyalty and collaboration are the top rung of the ladder of values of our network.
  • Growth of young people

    10th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2001
    Our schooling has allowed us to transmit technical-managerial competence to young people; our method. It would be considered intolerable if we stopped training our young employees. If we stopped transmitting our know how acquired over the years, we would loose, little by little, our identity (…)We were the first in the field to believe in the young people by giving them a chance to become entrepreneur. Our plans for growth are depending on this and can only be realized if we continue to commit ourselves with the young (…). We would not have gone very far if Tecnocasa had not been aware of the motivation of our young employees.
  • Leadership cannot exist without ethics

    13th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2004
    ... a real leader is a teacher, plans the route, changes habits. This is where our responsibilities come from! We cannot ignore that social fall downs are a consequence of our economical and managerial actions, especially when it concerns people’s savings, and when the person involved is at the controls and decides the rules of the game. This is why our companies have to be guided by correctness, undertaking, professionalism. Working within this group is similar to managing a piece of society and this “binds” us to ethically correct behavior. The most important supporting bedrock has to be transparency throughout our service.
  • Culture of the system

    14th Tecnocasa National Convention, 2005
    Customers represent an invaluable wealth: their loyalty will determine our long term growth. We have to be interactive on their behalf considering that we operate in a very integrated system which generates synergy, economic scales, opportunities, satisfaction, solidity for the whole Group and every one of us. To present ourselves without a culture of the system, without the awareness that we are a unique organism, would mean losing professional opportunities.
  • The value of Human capital

    15th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2006
    We have always invested in the motivation, formation, growth of our young employees ,keeping in mind both integrity and correctness, indispensable values. We are continuing down this road. The longest living and more solid companies are those that have paid more attention to the people. We have always tried to put the greatest value on our human capital, creating a positive climate able to attract, create trust, encouraging our young employees to grow, bringing benefits and satisfaction to everyone. We have always taken very seriously the well being of our employees. We have always put the person in first place because our “men” are the real creators of the success of our company.
  • The sense of social responsibility

    19th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2010
    Our clients have become more demanding, more selective, more thrifty and ask for increased innovation, transparency, responsibility. Today companies are judged also on their ethical behavior as well as financial results, but our sense of responsibility cannot arise from a utilitarian choice, or be shown to enhance our image. This choice should reflect a way of life. To be useful to others is the basis of our company, giving added value to our profession because to be a good employee, a good consultant, does not mean just to be a good salesman.
  • Our rules

    20th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2011
    Our rules are quite simple and bound by regularity, operability, relations with clients and colleagues (…). Simple rules, but valid in all markets, yesterday, today and tomorrow. This brings us to the tenacity, equilibrium, respect, discipline, professional undertaking, appreciation of the people who work alongside us and who are walking together along the same road towards mutual objectives and values (…). These principles are the foundations of this Group. It is those principles that give dignity to our individual work and an outstanding value to our brand name on the market.
  • Yesterday like today

    25th Tecnocasa National Convention, May 2016 – 30 years anniversary
    In 1986, when we started to use the franchise formula, we did not envisage to go such a long way. We were a bit like pioneers and had very few instruments available to us. However, we knew very well what was our focal point: the client. (…) Since 1986, many things have changed: we have changed, the world has changed. What has remained unchanged however with the passing of time are our principles: correctness and transparency which we should always show towards our clients, but also towards our employees, who should be guided and supported in their growth

When was the birth of the Tecnocasa trademark?

The Tecnocasa trademark started in 1979 being the first estate agency of the founder. The idea came to Oreste Pasquali personally with the intention of creating a trademark which would continue in time and also bring to mind a house. The resulting trademark was composed of a distinctive graphic design (small roof and ball) and became the Tecnocasa brand name. The simplicity of the design was a winner because it is easily recognizable by clients who wish to sell or buy a house.

The idea for the design of the Tecnocasa trademark

“The creation of the Tecnocasa trademark was easy, quick and “homemade”. I attempted the task myself without the help of graphic designers. I chose the colour green because it inspired in me tranquility and trust. The term Tecno brought to mind technology and technical preparation, two fundamental components vital to our profession. Thirty years have since gone by and my trademark has grown with my company.”
Oreste Pasquali